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Is Talent Management, Competence Management and Performance Management on your strategic agenda?

We are offering you the TMA Method. An enabling platform and toolbox that will help your organization, your managers and your HR Department to facilitate effective processes on Talent Management, Competence Management and Performance Management.

The business case for effective and value adding processes in these areas are huge and there is a clear competitive advantage in getting this right in a simple, effective and operational way.

The TMA Method gives you the platform, the tools and the organizational infrastructure to create a sustainable high performing organization with focus on utilizing and building on your employees talents, strengths and potential.

So if you are a HR Professional, Consultant or a Manager, come and join us and become an International Certified TMA Professional.

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Through “Talent Motivation Assessment”” we offer a certificate empowering big and small organizations to recognize and unlock the hidden potential of their workforce.

About TMA Method

TMA Method is an integrated system for the selection, development and assessment of staff with the development of talents and skills center stage.

The Talent Motivation Assessment Method, in short TMA method, stands for talent and competency empowerment.

Track and manage your talent management ambitions with your business strategy.

  • Assess talents and competencies in the workplace
  • Manage talents and competencies in the workplace
  • Develop talents and competencies in the workplace

Assess Talent

TMA Talent Assessment reports 22 drives and 44 talents. TMA also provides insight into the development potential of 48 TMA Competencies. The assessment takes one hour to complete and makes an objective, constructive and thorough analysis of motivations, talents and development possibilities.

Manage Talent

Track and manage your talent management ambitions with your business strategy, identify competencies, gaps and talents in your workforce with our online instruments for talent and competency management, practical guide and mobile App.

Develop talent

TMA Method guides you in developing 44 talents and 53 competencies based on TMA Performance Matrix. Find out how to develop talents and competencies on individual and group level with easily accepted and clearly understood reports for candidate and professional.

Competency Management

Most personnel is hired on resume and fired on behavior… TMA competency model helps you translate your job opening to competencies and behavior, so you know how to assess, manage and develop personnel on a professional manner.

360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback is the instrument for measuring competencies. TMA Method facilitates 360 degree feedback with your or the 53 TMA Competencies within each workflow imaginable.

TMA Talent Management

TMA Talent management offers tools, instruments and content based on three pillars: 1.Attract the right talent, 2.Select the right talent, 3.Develop talent in the right manner.


Three Basic Principles

Three basic principles of great competency and talentmanagement.


Interacting Talents Technology

TMA Interacting talents technology movie explains the reinforcing influence talents have on behavior.