TMA Certified Professional Own Branded Online Portal

People are motivated best and effective and successful in work that lies the closest to their true nature. It’s from this starting point TMA focuses on your organisation, your candidates and your employees..

From this vision you can shape your talent and competency management by using the TMA Method and instruments. TMA makes it possible to conduct an objective, constructive and especially thorough analysis of motivations, talent and development possibilities.

The TMA Method can be used for selection, development, mobility, career choice and reintegration issues.

To operate and work with your organisations TMA portal in a professional and effective manner, you will need a to appoint, train and certify internal or external TMA professionals

Pricing per year is based on a self administrating TMA internet portal implementation with a maximum of committed candidates per year. A candidate may be offered a maximum of 10 analyses within the license 2016.

Committed number of candidates per year Price per candidate per year 2016

(max 10 analysis pr. Candidate per year)

    10   –   50 $ 140
    51   –   100 $ 125
   100 and above Please contact Max-KnoweldgeNow for pricing


Key Content:

  • 5 candidates credits for use after the certification (value approx worth USD 1600 +)
  • Easy to use 360 Tools
  • Job profiler linked to assessments, talents, drives and competences of the candidate
  • Interview-technique
  • Leadership tools
  • From Strategy to Action with your Talent Management strategy ; The Most important strategy for any organization.
  • Enabling Platform and supporting processes for an effective and operational Talent Management Strategy.